Enjoy the virtual ride on Zwift

My son enjoys cycling on Zwift

Because of COVID-19 pandemic, I could not go to cycling and became frustrated. In Japan, we had not been under severe Lockdown, but the government requested that people refrain from going outside unless they urgently need to go. ( It was lifted on June 18th ).

Also, even outside, we are requested to wear a mask during jogging, and I went jogging wearing BUFF, but it is not comfortable.

Start Zwift with my son

Then I read the article about Zwift can be enjoyed on an exercise bike (I have it but haven’t ride often) and bought Coospo BK8 (Bluetooth speed and cadence censer) and placed it on the bike.

And to more enjoy Zwift, I bought Coospo H808S (Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitors.)

My son was also interested in cycling on Zwift, and I got a free kid’s account (Zwift offers a free account for a cyclist under 16 years old) for him. It took five days to finish creating an account for him.

We started riding on Zwift.

When I ride on my exercise bike and looking at the screen of my iPad, I can feel riding in the forest, along the sea and climb a hill.

Climbing up on a hill, which like a Shibu touge pass 渋峠 in Nagano pref.

I haven’t enjoyed any TV games, and I didn’t like serious training with cycle trainer (you know, it’s boring) but riding on Zwift is something new exiting experience for me.

When I ride while watching the screen on Zwift, I feel like I ride on the real road and enjoy changing views.

Smart trainer

Gradually I want to feel real ride more, which means when riding a virtual course, if I begin to climb a hill, the resistance ramps up, just like when riding outdoors. And I wanted to join riding events on Zwift, and to enjoy races and events more on Zwift, sometimes we need a power mater, which can measure the power output of the rider. But power mater costs more than I think suitable.

Then I found that the smart trainer changes its resistance according to the ascend of the road and weight rider’s power. And it has the function of speed meter, cadence censer, and power mater.

And I’m not interested in joining cycle races, but when I can develop my cycling ability to enjoy bike tours and leading bike tours more comfortably.

I’ve been on the fence but I decided to buy a smart trainer and bought Wahoo Kickr, which is one of the most highly rated smart trainers in 2020.

iPad stand and a fan are must to use while riding indoor.

Now I enjoy joining D group events category, the easiest category and started an easiest training plan and I enjoy riding on Zwift every day.


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