Amanohashidate to Ine village

We got the shinkansen, the super express train from Tokyo to Kyoto, transfered at Kyoto station to an express train and arrived at Amanohasidate station 天橋立駅 before noon. We ate delicious lunch at “Un Son Benir”.

After lunch, we made a 41km round trip between Amanohashidate and Ine.

INE 伊根 is an old fishing village located about 130km North from Kyoto,There are about 350 houses, which were built on the water’s edge. Their 1st floors are boats garages and 2nd floors are living spaces.  

And then we climbed up to the rice terrace at Nii 新井, but it was too early to see the paddy field.

We stayed at “Shofuso 松風荘”near Amanohashidate. We soaked in Onsen or hot spring bath and ate delicious seafood. I could put off my work and daily tasks and I was totally relaxed.

We rode about 41km. 
Only Strava log is in “Keep-Reading” below.

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