Kyoto to Nara

From Arashiyama to Nara (Fushimi Inari and Uji)

We are cycling from Arashiyana, Kyoto to Nara. First, we stopped Fushimi Inari Shrine and it was crowded by foreign visitors.

And then we went to Uji. We visited Byodo-in temple. It is famous for the phoenix hall, which is designed as Heaven in Japanese Buddhism. You can see it’s image on the 10 yen coin and 10,000 yen.

We ate lunch and Macha soft cream at Uji.

In the afternoon, we rode on bike paths mainly against the wind.  On the bike path we stopped at Kozuya-bashi or Nagare-bashi bridge, which is low water crossing made by woods. We stayed at “Guesthouse Route 53” located in Naramachi, which is the old town. It doesn’t offer any meals so we went out for dinner and found a nice restaurant, ko-shi 紅絲, near the Guesthouse, which offers mainly Tofu dishes. Every food was delicious and beer was tasty !

Total distance was about 70km.
Only Strava log is in “Keep Reading” below.

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