Cycle Tokyo Tour with cyclists from Oregon

Guide tour with two nice couples from Oregon, the U.S

As a member of CycleTokyo!, I volunteered to guide four guests from Oregon, the U.S.

We visited Imperial palace, Tokyo Tower, Zojyoji temple, Ginza, and Tsukudajima.

We used chiyokuru this time because our guests were taller than standard Japanese. Chiyokuru is easy to adjust it’s saddle height in a wide range so tall people ride it comfortably.

We started from Marunouchi building, then visited Imperial palace, and went to Tokyo tower. We went up to Main Observatory(150m).

We stopped at Zojyoji temple and went to Ginza Mitsukoshi.
We bought lunch at “Depachika”,which is the nickname of the basement floor in Japanese department stores. There are many delis and sweets stores there and it’s a kind of like “food theme parks”.

We had lunch at the riverbank of Sumida river.
After lunch, we visited Tsukudajima and went through Nihonbashi to Imperial palace East Garden. We were strolling in the garden, which was originally the inner citadel of Edo castle, and enjoyed remains, beautiful Japanese landscape garden with lots of flowers.

The weather was perfect and we enjoyed cycling and strolling.

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