Ski at Furano Resort

Downhill with scenic view

From January 1st to 3rd, we went skiing at Furano Resort in Hokkaido.

Every winter, we travel to Hokkaido and enjoy skiing because we love its quality of snow, not too crowded resort and delicious food (and beer.)

We visited Furano in summer of 2009, but it was our first skiing at Furano ever.

My husband and son

The snow condition was stunning, and there are some wide and gentle slopes, which are suitable for us.
Furthermore, children under 13 get a free lift ticket!
Furano is definitely one of the best ski resort for families.

stand the cold on the lift.

We stayed at ”Resort in North Country.” , a relatively inexpensive inn. The food was so-so, the room was good, and the staff especially the bus driver was very kind. The inn is located 10 minutes drive from the resort, but there is the frequent bus service between the inn and the resort.

We ate Cheese fondue at the inn.

There are so many foreign visitors in Furano, most of them from Asian countries and Australia. The number of direct flight to Chitose Airport in Hokkaido from these countries are increasing and brakes the boundary of countries in the Asian Pacific region, I think.

However different from Tomamu and Teine or other ski resort in the main island of Japan, food variety was poor. We can choose only curry rice or ramen noodles at restaurants in the resort.

My son practiced the advanced turning technique called stem turn, and he was starting to get the hang of it in the end. But he is always leaning back because he is afraid of the slope.

Anyway, he enjoyed skiing and wants to ski again there.

Sushi restaurant in Chitose Airport is awesome.

As usual, we end our trip with Sushi and beer at Chitose Airport.


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