Taiwan Cycling 2019 Day 2

From Taichung 台中 to Taomi 桃米 64km

April 28th.〜 Stomach ache and exhausted climbing 〜

The second day we planned to go to Taomi 桃米 near Puli 埔里, a small town on the way to the Sun moon lake (日月澤).

Stomach ache


When we started riding, my son claimed his stomach ache. We waited for a moment but his pain didn’t eased.

My family decided to stay there and asked other people to go in front. I asked the hospital and pharmacy at Tourist Center in Taichung Station.

The staff said “It is Sunday and only emergency room opens”. They gave me the name and address of the hospital.

30 minutes later, his pain eased and I visited the Tourist Center again and asked a parmacy near the station and the staff told me Japanese Pharmacy (Tomod’s) near the station.

When we visited the nearest Tomod’s in TAROKO MALL Taichung 台中大魯閣新時代, But I could’nt buy any medicine because there was no phamacist at that time.

Then I call to the second nearest one, the pharmacist was there and we rode there and got Japanese medicine in Showtime Cinema 台中站前秀泰影城.

I bought two popular Japanese medicines for intestinal disorder

Start Riding

After he cured, we started cycling. 

Wide motorbike and bicycle lane.

In the city center of Taichung, we rode with lots of motorbikes. It made us feel that we now are in the middle of south Asian country. In Taiwan, motorbike seems to be the most popular and essential vehicle. Thanks for it, almost all main roads have wide lane for motorbike and bicycle and we could ride comfortably and safety.

Stopped at 立體龍貓公車站

We took lunch and had a break at 7-11 on roadside.

Some friends who pedaled in Taiwan recommend that we should have a break at convenience stores which pervades all over the island. They have various beverages, Bento box, Onigiri (Rice ball) , a eating space and powder rooms as same as in Japan.

Bought a sport drink in the shape of cycling bottle

We pedaled in the middle of paddy fields. We felt as if we were rural area in Japan.

Passed loop bridges of Highway #3

Into Mountains

After start rinding R14, Then we started climbing slope. It reminded us the way from Asahikawa to Sonkyo in Hokkaido we rode 2016.

It was not so steep but we were so exhausted because we were not accustomed to the high temperature and humidity.

Having a short break at 国姓駅站 with ice cream, they are sweet and fresh.
Into the mountains

We finally caught up the advance party because Kaz-san who are head of quad had a cramp in his both legs and stayed at the tourist center in Puli town.

Parents are exhausted but kids are vivid…

Arrived at Taomi 桃米

5:30 PM We arrived in Taomil B&B. The beautiful and clean inn and the owner couple are very kind and friendly. I think it was the best inn we stayed in Taiwan.

We went to the Taiwanese restaurant 土角厝水上餐庁 recommended by the owner (He even took us to the restaurant)

The restaurant was located 10 minutes walk from the inn. 

We enjoyed all dishes. The taste was mild and it has a lot of vegetables. We chose the 3,500 NT$ course for 10 people. It was cheaper than the last night.

On our way back to the inn, we saw fireflies on the river.

We rode 64.8km +585m (The follow data imported from Google Timeline because I failed logging on Ride with GPS at this day.)

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