Taiwan Cycling 2019 Day 4

April 30th, we took a train from Kaohsiung station 高雄站 to Fangliao station 枋寮站, then rode to Checheng Township 車城.

The view from the hotel room. Numerous motorbikes were passing the bridge.

9:00 AM Started walking to the station

We left the hotel to go to Kaohsiung station carrying packed bikes.


We could ride Kaohsiung 高雄 to Checheng 車城  directly (90km), but we considered the heat and condition of kids, we decided to shorten the distance of cycling.

9:15 AM At Kaohsiung station.

At Kaohsiung station, the funniest accident of this trip had happened. (At that time, I was so panicked.)

I asked the station attendant at the counter whether we can get on the train to Fangliao station 枋寮站 with Easy Card 悠遊卡 .

She answered  if we need seats on the train, we should buy tickets at the ticket machine and only the next train coming in 10 minutes has vacant seats.

I went to the ticket machine and tried to buy it, but its touch screen didnt respond well.

Then an elderly man, maybe the chief officer, came to help us. He asked me our destinationthe number of tickets and departure time then started touching the panel instead of us.

The touchscreen still didnt respond. Then he started pushing the screen quickly and repeatedly.

Finally, the system hanged up with  an error message.

He finally hit the body of the machine strongly some times and asked us to follow him to the counter.

He told the young female attendant in Chinese rapidly, and she issued tickets in a hurry.

We left only five minutes to board the train, he ordered the other attendants to opened a ticket barrier and urged us to go to the platform.

We got on the train separately because we have 5 bikes.

When I entered a car, I found somebody sat on my seat.

I asked an attendant on the train, he looked at my ticket and said The date of the tickets were wrong and you should go back to the counter and change them to the right date.

The ticket of May 11th, 2019…

But the train was about to leave and I didnt have enough time to go to the  counter. Finally, the attendant allowed us to sit vacant seats.

It was thankful that there were many vacant seats on the car.

10:49 Arrived at Fangliao Station

Fangliao Station has excellent elevators on both platforms.

We unpacked our bikes in front of the station.

Before cycling, We bought sports drinks and snacks and I bought a drinking bottle at GIANT store near the station because the day before I lost it while downhill.

11:30 We started riding to Checheng 車城 located in Hengchun Peninsula. 恒春半.

We rode R1 for about 30 minutes and stopped at a cafe, 三個儍瓜咖啡庁 for lunch.

We enjoyed the lunch, drinks, and the view, but the prices were expensive.

We restarted riding to the south. I enjoyed the view of blue sky and ocean but it was so hot that we became exhausted.

When we entered the Checheng town 車城, we stopped at a cafe and had cool drinks.

We visited 福安宮, a Taoism temple in Checheng 車城 and prayed for the god by watching other people.

After we arrived at the condo, we went to a seafood restaurant 田中漁夫 recommended by the owner of the condo.
It was another excellent restaurant.

The master offered us 3,500TW$ including drinks for 10 people.

Distance  41.5km +197m



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