Taiwan Cycling 2019 Day7

May 3rd.
We pedaled from Zhiben 知本 to Guanshan station 關山站. It was the longest ride during our trip, but low temperature helped our riding.

We started riding with splashing water after the rain.

The view looked like countryside in Japan.
I saw two baseball stadium in Taitung city.

Looking at baseball stadiums, I remembered 郭 源治,Genji Kaku/Yuen-chih Kuo, a former professional baseball player in Japan. He came from Taitung and his family comes from the Taiwanese aborigines.

There were several decorations of Taiwanese indigenous peoples in Taitung station.

We arrived at Taitung station 台東站 and I tried to buy the train tickets from Guanshan 關山 to Yilan 宜蘭, which was our destination of that day. But there was no seat from Hualien 花蓮 to Yilan 宜蘭 in the afternoon of the day, so we got only seats from Guanshan 關山 to Hualien 花蓮 and needed standing on the deck from Hualien 花蓮 to Yilan 宜蘭.

After Taitung station, we pedaled a street lined with trees. The was a line for bikes divided into two lines by trees.

A wide rever filled with mud,

We found Luye Longtian Bicycle Trail, 7.3km bike path in the patty fields.

The route of the bike path
The wild cliff over the river.

My son was sleepy and didn’t pedal much. They sometimes failed behind.

Some part of the bike path was old track remains which Japanese government constructed before WWII.

We had bento lunch box near the Guanshan station.

14:00 We arrived Guanshan station, packed bikes and ate lunch. The lunch boxes costed between 70NT$ to 90NT$. Very cheap and delicious.

15:32 We got a train to Yilan. As booked, many passengers got on the car at Hualien and we kept standing for an hour.

6:00PM We arrived at Yilan station and Amy and her friends welcomed us. Amy kindly drove me to the inn to check-in. We parked our bikes and went to the Yilan night market 宜蘭夜市.

We enjoyed food and our kids enjoyed playing games.

Ride with GPS : https://ridewithgps.com/trips/34232943
Distance:68.2 km
Elevation: 515 m

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