Taiwan Cycling 2019 Day 9

May 5th We pedaled from Yilan to Fulong and got on a train to Taipei.

The one minute clip of our bike trip from Yilan to Fulong

It was our last day of Taiwan cycling. Fortunately, we did not have any shower during the ride.
We biked from Yilan along the coast on Yilan Coastal Bike way. 宜蘭濱海自行車道.

We rode a scenic bikepath along the coast.

After the bikeway ended, we pedaled the road along the coast. The road was not so busy, and it has a bike lane, so we rode comfortably.

We reached Old Caoling Tunnel. 福隆旧草嶺隧道.
It was built as a part of a railway in 1924 and after a new tunnel was constructed, the old one tuned to be a bikeway.

We almost completed 9 days cycling without flats, accidents and major illness. 

We were so surprised so many visitors riding rental bicycles there. ( Most of them rode E-bikes, not E-assist bikes)

I think it was Sunday and the area was convenient leisure spots for people living in Greater Taipei Area.

I arrived at Fulong station 福隆站 and tried to book tickets for bikes, because I wanted to experience bringing my bike unpacked on a train. But all ticket before 4 pm was sold out and the station staff said unpacked bikes cannot exit at Taipei station.
We gave up and started packing our bikes as usual.
After all, we could not get on any train with unpacked bikes.

Fulong station is famous for lunch boxes. I found a long line in front of 郷野便當 and waited in the queue.
Ruthy wanted to have a vegetable meal, so we found a restaurant, 太祖魷魚羹 and bought vegetable and Tofu lunch box. (If you’re going to have a vegetable meal, find 素食(su 4 shi 2)on menu.

We ate the lunch box in front of Fulong station with other local people.

We got 14:19 local train and arrived at Taipei station at 15:56 and then walked to Meander 1948 at which we stayed with carrying bike bags.

I found the instruction how to carry a bike on a train.
Carrying bikes and bags in the station was the most tough job!

Friends in Taipei planed a drinking party with us at 18:30. I didn’t have time, but I wanted experience a famous Taiwan foot massage so Kimurin and I went to take foot massage after taking a shower.

Many Japanese customers enjoyed foot massages.

6:30 PM Other member had gone to the restaurant, so we got a taxi to the restaurant. The taxi driver could not speak English, I showed Google Map to him, and he understood. The world has become quite a convenient one.

9 Taiwanese and 10 Japanese joined the party. Some of them are the member of a cycling volunteer group, and they had met twice in events in Japan.

Distance: 41.7 km
Elevation: + 217 m


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