Shimanami Tandem Matsuri (Festival) Day 2.

March 18th(Sun), the second day, we rode Shimanami Kaido to Hakata island and made Pizza by ourselves.

We sometimes left the main route and enjoyed quiet backstreets and went along with coasts with stunning views. You can see the real local life while pedaling.

Distance: 60.67km

Stunning views

180318タンデム (6)
Kurushima Bridge
At a viewpoint in Oshima island

A wonderful encounter.

In Oshima, we climb a steep hill and went down the slope and took a rest in the mid of Mikan, mandarin orange farms.

While taking a rest, an old man came from the farm carrying basket filled with Mikan.

He asked us some questions, (Where are you from? What is the purpose of your tour? How many people join?)

He heard some of us came from afar and started providing Mikan from his basket.

After he noticed there are more people than Mikan in his bucket, suddenly he rushed to his farm and began cropping.

Of cause, we stopped him, but he will not listen.

Then some of us helping his crop Mikan. I think it is a good experience for my son to crop Mikan at the farm.

180318タンデム (93)

Harvest and making pizza.

Then we visited a farm and crop broccoli and dug bamboo shoot in bamboo wood.



Bamboo shoot is the seasonal enjoyment only in spring. To dig the shoot, we carefully rub the surface of the soil around bamboo trees with our soles and found a subtle rise.

We could get lots of shoots. It is soft and fresh and had the smell of spring.


180318タンデム (134)
Baking pizza in a brick oven.

180318タンデム (150)


After harvest, we made Pizza with the vegetables by ourselves.

After the lunch, my friend family and we left the tour and packed some of our bikes and shipped from Yamato, a shipping company office.

We got on a bus, Shimanani-Liner, at Hakata S.C and got off at Fukuyama station, then got Shinkansen, the super-express train to Tokyo.

Shimanami Tandem Matsuri (Festival) was held in Shimanami by an NPO, “Cyclo Tourism Shimanami.”

Kazunari Utsunomiya, one of advocator of the NPO, traveled all over the world with his wife for ten years by a tandem bike. The NPO gives bike tours and runs the hostel, “Cyclo-No-Ie.”.

If you decide to ride Shimanami Kaido, you should contact them and ask hidden places in Shimanami.

Some photos in this post were provided by my friends Cyclo Tourism.

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