Ishigaki Island (Day2: To the east end)

On the second day, we headed to Cape Hirakubo, the eastern tip of the island.

Let’s go cycling

8:30 am started cycling

The island has no long hills but there are many low hills on all the roads, so we had climbed many hills of 50 meter high. This kind of slope exhausted us.


30 minutes later, my son asked us to stop to take rest. Then he said, “I don’t wanna go!”
My husband encouraged him, but he didn’t move. I was waiting for him to make up his mind.
Then a man on a car on the opposite side of the road encouraged him. ” You can see the most amazing view in 5 minutes.”
After that, he made up his mind, and we could go forward.

waiting for him to overcome his negative feeling 

In 5 minutes, we went down a slope with a beautiful sight.

That’s why I love cycling. That’s the spice of life. I can enjoy more sights than in a car and connect with the people along the way.

Riding down in a stunning view.
My son recovered!

Ishigaki Milk Crown

When we climb up a hill, we found a van with pictures of ice cream.
There was no staff around the van and noticed the signboard “I’m in the farm. Please wave your hands to the building. I’ll come back soon.”
We waved our arms to the farm, then a woman got in a car and came to us.
She said she lived in Tokyo and moved to the island and started working at a dairy farm. She recommended “Cape Uganzaki,” the western tip of the island.
The ice cream was refreshing tasteful.

Ice cream is necessary fuel for cycling
Riding along sugar cane fields

11:30 AM Cape Hirakubo

We arrived at Cape Hirakubo. On top of the cliff, we enjoyed the stunning view of the coral reef and various colors of the sea.
An elderly couple talked to us. A wife, seemed in her seventy’s, loves cycling and her husband also loved it but stopped after he reached eighty years old. They had already pedaled around the island. She kept cycling all over Japan now.
After they had gone, we spoke of our wish to keep cycling at their age.

Cape Hirakubo, colorful seawater.

Hamayu, the local noodle restaurant

On the way back, we stopped at a noodle restaurant to eat Yaeyama soba, the local specialty.

Yaeyama soba noodle with onigiri of deep fried rice

Sabichi cave

Then we stopped at ”Sabichi cave,” the only underground cave on a beach in Japan that is open to visitors.

feel like an explorer…
The jars were used to keep salted pork, miso and Awamori, the strong Okinawa liquor.

The staff said there is a spiritual rock on the beach after passing through the cave.

In front of a spiritual rock.

Tamatorizaki Observatory

We climbed up a little hill and enjoyed the scenery at Tamatorizaki observatory.

We can see the shape of the island just as it is on the map

Hirugi Grove

We stopped at Miyara river Hirugi Grove. It was low tide so we can walk to the mangrove forest.
We enjoyed watching hermit crab, crab, and goby in the shallows.

Mangrove forest

16:30 We returned the inns. My son could play with the seven-year-old daughter of the owners in the grounds. He enjoyed himself.

Izakaya Jinbei

18:00 We went to Izakaya “Jinbei”  to eat local fish. We didn’t know any name of them, but all of them were yummy.

Sashimi of various local fish. My son enjoyed too.
Boiled fish with salt and seaweeds.

Today’s conclusion. 

  • November is one of the best seasons for cycling on Ishigaki island. No typhoon, not hot and humid.
  • East area of Ishigaki is good for a distance ride. There was a little traffic. You can enjoy unspoiled nature while pedaling and can visit various spots.
  • The number of restaurants, stores, and even vending machines is limited except in the southwest area of the island. I recommend you should bring enough snacks and drink to go cycling around the island.

Destination: 73.75km


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