Ishigaki Island (Day 3: To the west end)

To The Western tip of Ishigaki Island

The third day, we went cycling to Cape Uganzaki, the western tip of Ishigaki island and Nagura area.
From the first, I had planned to visit neighbor islands on the third day, but I changed my mind to go to the western part of the island because some people recommended.

9:00 AM
We started Cycling and then visited the Kabira bay observatory, but we could not see it’s a brilliant color because it was cloudy.

Kabira Bay

Then we are pedaling into Sakieda Peninsula.
Its atmosphere was very peaceful.

Sakieda Peninsula

Uganzaki Lighthouse

We climbed up a steep slope and arrived at Uganzaki lighthouse, which stands on the cliff.

My son left his parents in the steep slope to the cliff.

On the cliff, we savored the magnificent view. I found many people are enjoying SUP (Standup paddle boarding) under our eyes. It looked fun.
It is said that we can see Taiwan island, which is only 200 km west of the island on a clear day, but we could not see the island but see Iriomote and Taketomi island and other small ones.

View from Uganzaki lighthouse

Then we rounded Sakieda peninsula. It was almost no car traffic. I enjoyed its wild tropical trees, flowers and blue ocean during cycling.

Riding in the southern Sakieda peninsula

After left the peninsula, we were cycling along Nagura bay. It is only part where we can ride on the coast. The south wind became strong, so my son gradually seemed to be tired, and we reduced our speed.

Ishigaki Yaimamura (Yaimamura Village)

We arrived at Ishigaki Yaimamura. It is a small amusement park which has preserved traditional houses, some of them were designated as important treasures.

I made it as the destination of the ride of that day because I wanted to show my son the local tradition and culture of Ishigaki island because they are entirely different from the one of the main island of Japan.

We enjoyed walking around in the park and watched traditional houses.

Walking in the traditional houses
There are Seasar, the amulet commonly found in Okinawa on the gate and the roof of the house/

Squirrel Monkeys

One of the most popular attractions of the park is squirrel monkeys. We bought a small cup of feed for the Monkeys.
Monkeys are very smart. They rushed to the bowl in my hand and screwed their hands in it.

My son first hesitated to go the the monkey park, but finally he enjoyed to feed monkeys. I also enjoyed it’s light and furry body and the feeling of their soft and moist hands. 

The rock watchtowers were constructed in Yaeyama islands to communicate each other.

High Tide Cafe

We went to “High Tide Cafe” near Yaimamura. The lunch was a huge portion and delicious. The chef recommended we order two set for three of us. We ate Spaghetti Bolognese set and Soup curry set. They are not expensive.

After lunch, we talked with the chef. The cafe is a part of the museum of a picture book writer who is his friend. He lived in Tokyo and moved to the island. This area was developed for migrants from Tokyo or big cities. 

The dessert plate has two options. For kids and adult. My son ate the kids completely.

After lunch, we rode back along Nagura Bay with tail wind.

Comfortable riding.

Blue Cave

14:30 We returned the inns. After taking a short break, we went to “Blue Cave,” which was written in the inn’s information. The beach was located within 5 minutes by a car. Fortunately, it was low tide so we could walk on the shoals and reach the mouth of the cave.

Walking in the shoals was fun.
Blue Cave, it was not deep blue as same as guidebook at that time.
There were some sea water remains on the shoals and we could see various fish.

After returned to the inns, my son played with the owner’s daughter of the inn’s owner again. I was also happy hearing their happy voices. 

I talked with the owner again. He said we can not see the same color as the guidebook in the blue cave. He also said there are Nimo, clownfish under the sea anemones in the beach. When my son masters swim, I’d like to enjoy snorkeling with him there. 

The conclusion of the day

  • Sakiyama peninsula was remarkable especially if you love nature like me.
  • Yaimamura is suitable for family. There are several workshops in the traditional houses (We didn’t have much time there.) But… Squirrel Monkeys park is the most fun.
  • Lunch at High tide Cafe is recommended.

Distance: 42.57km

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